Cnc Milling Machine 5 Axis

Our company is a professional manufacturer with years of experience in the production of small 5 axis cnc milling machine.We have a professional design and production team to produce high quality milling machine. If you want to know more details like are we manufacturers? machine function? support video and more pictures? price list? how to buy? welcome to Send Inquiry or Chat Now or send us Email about any question on the machine, please contact us >>>
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Product Details

CNC milling machine 5 axis function description:

(1) The machine tool adopts Huazhong CNC system and independent electrical cabinet to control the spindle and slide servo feed and hydraulic clamping, convenient debugging and maintenance, and stable performance.

(2) The diameter of the inner hole that can be processed ranges from 50 to 100 mm, and the depth of the hole ranges from 0 to 150 mm.

(3) It is only necessary to replace the positioning sleeve, the part positioning tool, the drill bit and the corresponding processing program on the different types of fixtures.

(4) It adopts modular type, combined structure, convenient operation and maintenance.

(5) Adopting the inner guiding roller line rail numerical control sliding table and the stretching ball screw structure, the wear resistance is good, the precision is good, and the cutting rigidity is good.

(6) Rigid power head, easy to install and adjust the tool, and convenient to the knife.

(7) With cooling, centralized lubrication, complete protection and other measures to ensure reliable performance and stable accuracy.

cnc milling machine 5 axis

cnc milling machine 5 axis

cnc milling machine 5 axis

cnc milling machine 5 axis

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