Turn Milling Centers

Machines are suitable for processing plumbing fittings,hardware,sanitary ware,auto parts which gravity model casting with brass,zinc,aluminium,steel,iron ore and alloy,ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal.

Product Details

Turn Milling Centers Technical Features

1. The turn milling centers uses Taiwanese screw rods with speeds up to 48m/min. 

2. The machine tool is widely used in the processing of box parts, housing parts and disc parts in the military, aerospace, automobile, mold, medical equipment, machinery manufacturing and other industries. 

3. The machine is equipped with an automatic lubrication system, a cooling system and a fully enclosed vertical guard.

4. The basic parts such as machine base, column, headstock, cross slide and table are all made of high-strength lost-foam casting technology.

4. The internal metallographic structure is stable, ensuring high stability of the basic parts. 

5. The structure of the casting is analyzed by machine tool dynamics and finite element analysis to make the geometric structure more reasonable and the proper matching with the ribs to ensure the high rigidity of the basic parts.

6. Wide machine base, box-shaped "human" shaped column, widened and extended bed saddle, full load support design, the structure meets the advanced design concept of material mechanics, ensuring heavy load capacity during processing.

Main Specification And Technical Parameters  

Turn Milling Centers

Turn Milling Centers

Turn Milling Centers

Turn Milling Centers

Turn Milling Centers

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