Special Purpose Machines

Machines are suitable for processing plumbing fittings,hardware,sanitary ware,auto parts which gravity model casting with brass,zinc,aluminium,steel,iron ore and alloy,ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal.

Product Details

Special Purpose Machines Machining Centers Technical Features

1. The machine tool is equipped with a sealed rail cover to effectively protect the guide rail and the lead screw to extend its service life.

2. When the machine is equipped with full-scale three-dimensional protection, the machine tool is guaranteed to not vibrate when it is strong. (Shape customers can choose the style according to their own requirements)

3. The customer can choose the domestic or imported absolute value operation numerical control system to ensure the stability, speed, surface smoothness and high precision of the control system. It has the functions and machining ability of the manufacturing mold. Support for four-axis linkage.

4. It is equipped with system control oil circuit system: it adopts active oil pressure oil supply system: it is directly controlled by the operating system, automatically allocates oil according to the movement demand, precisely controls the oil supply part and oil quantity, greatly reduces the waste of lubricating oil. It avoids the contamination of the coolant due to the lubricating oil, greatly prolongs the use of the coolant and ensures the balance and lubrication of the oil supply.

5. The wiring in the electrical cabinet is in compliance with the national electrical safety regulations to ensure that the control system is not subject to external interference during operation. Better guarantee production safety.

6. High-precision pitch compensation, each drive shaft adopts high-precision laser laser for detection and optimization compensation, which makes the positioning accuracy of each axis more accurate, and is more suitable for processing high-precision parts. At the same time, the advanced ballbar instrument is used to optimize the analysis and processing to ensure the accuracy of the machine when making round and curved surfaces.


Main Specification And Technical Parameters  

Special Purpose Machines

Special Purpose Machines

Special Purpose Machines

Special Purpose Machines

Special Purpose Machines

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