Desktop Milling Machine

Machines are suitable for processing plumbing fittings,hardware,sanitary ware,auto parts which gravity model casting with brass,zinc,aluminium,steel,iron ore and alloy,ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal.

Product Details

Desktop Milling Machine Features

This machine adopts advanced, high-tech design concept and high-quality, modular parts. It specializes in 3D mold forming and processing, suitable for aviation, auto parts, electrode making, electronics, computer and other related accessories, medical equipment, optical instruments, etc. Manufacturing and processing of components. The machine structure is briefly described as follows:

01. Casting: Finite element analysis (FGA) is applied to the casting to optimize the structure of the machine. The casting has high rigidity and high strength.

02, the maximum spindle speed of 6000rpm (standard) can be processed continuously for 24 hours.

03. The main shaft adopts AC servo main motor, which has large output torque and high transmission sensitivity. The three-axis adopts AC servo motor; it has gap self-compensation function to improve positioning accuracy.

04. The main shaft adopts pneumatic loose knives and the butterfly springs to tighten the automatic broach device; the whole tubular main shaft structure is equipped with P4 high-precision bearings, and the spindle positioning and tool holder automatic clamping are accurate and reliable.

05. The three-axis guide rail adopts hardened surface and wear-resistant sliding guide pair, which has good vibration resistance.

06. The screw adopts an enlarged diameter high-precision ball screw, which is directly connected to the feed servo motor and can be placed close to the cutting point of the axial center.

Main Specification And Technical Parameters  

desktop milling machine

desktop milling machine

desktop milling machine

desktop milling machine

desktop milling machine

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