Benchtop Cnc Milling Machine

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Product Details

Benchtop CNC Milling Machine Main Configuration:

Resin sand casting

Taiwan-made ball screw and precision lock nut: Shangyin or Yintai

Taiwan production spindle: Poussin or Luo Yi, Xu Tai

Taiwan-made spindle pulley: Taiwan

Taiwan paint

Imported bearings: Japan NSK

Electric lubrication system (not lubrication pump): domestic

Hard Rail Machining Center Series

Taiwan-made supercharged cylinder (Shangpin or fashion)

Cooling water system (no water pump, water tank): domestic

Import coupling: Italian Sit or Japanese Miki

Rail guard: Taiwan-funded factory

Guide rail sub-hardening hard grinding face plastic shovel scraping surface: Taiwan produced PTFE

One set of air cooling pipeline (no air compressor, oil water separator): domestic

Taiwan's knife library: the first round / Deda

benchtop cnc milling machineBenchtop Cnc Milling Machinebenchtop cnc milling machine

benchtop cnc milling machine