Pulverizer Mill Machine

The pulverizer mill machine is a series of grinding disc type plastic mills with high output and low energy consumption. EVA pulverizer is widely used in moderate hardness, impact and brittle materials, suitable for EVA,rubber,polyethylene PE (including LLDPE, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE), PVC PVC (hard...
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Pulverizer Mill Machine Performance Characteristics

Pulverizer of other materials such as EVA, (waste)Rubber, polyethylene PE, polypropylene PP, polystyrene PS, ABS, etc.

● The new pulverizer mill machine design has high output, strong wear resistance and twice the service life of ordinary grinding discs.

● High speed achieved with newly designed special bearings.

● The pulverizer mill machine is easy to install and maintain, open the door cover to clean.

● The plastic milling process is completely sealed, no dust leakage.

● Fully automated, automatic feeding, discharging, sorting.

● The adjustment of the grinding gap is simple and can be precisely adjusted by using the feeler gauge and adjusting bolts.

● The host cooling system uses wind and water combined cooling.

● The pulverizer mill machine design is reasonable, the cross section of the grinding cavity is small, the material is caught and ground immediately upon entering, and it is quickly removed, avoiding the temperature rise and decomposition of the material, thus having higher output.

pulverizer mill machine

Pulverizer Mill Machine Technical Parameters

Productivity80-250 kg / hour
Size Of Input≤ 8 mm
Size Of Output40-120 mesh
Electric Supply380v/50Hz
Net Weight2000KG

Machine can be customized as clients requires.

pulverizer mill machine

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pulverizer mill machine

Scope of Application

The pulverizer mill machine is suitable for all kinds of man-made and natural,synthetic rubber, a variety of rubber shoes material, such as foam, foamed rubber scrap, MD, EVA, SBR, RB, PE, NBR could be recycled by our recycling machine.

pulverizer mill machine

Packaging & Shipping

Packing : seaworthy fully closed wooden box and packed with PE film.

Shipping: by sea

pulverizer mill machine