PE Pulverizer

The PE pulverizer machine is a series of grinding disc type plastic mills with high output and low energy consumption. EVA pulverizer is widely used in moderate hardness, impact and brittle materials, suitable for EVA,rubber,polyethylene PE (including LLDPE, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE), PVC PVC (hard...

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PE Pulverizer Features

1. The PE pulverizer machine can grind various soft and hard materials into powders of 40 mesh to 120 mesh at room temperature.

2. Wide application range, PVC, PE and modified PP, ABS, PS, PA, PC and other plastics with different molecular structures can be used!

3. Compared with the ordinary mill, the PE pulverizer machine has two to three times the output. With automatic dust removal device, it is the most ideal energy-saving plastic grinding equipment in China!

4. The pulverizer machine consists of five parts: automatic feeding, main engine, wind conveying system, cyclone separation and high efficiency dust removal system. It has high automation and small floor space.

5. The sharpening knife adopts high quality imported steel, which has good wear resistance and is suitable for continuous operation.

6. Adjusting the knife quickly, easy to operate and maintain.

7. The spindle bearing adopts the Swedish original SKF brand (the world's highest-grade brand), with all imported oil seals, such as normal maintenance, can be used for 3-4 years!

PE Pulverizer VS Traditional Style

PE Pulverizer

PVC Pulverizer Machine Technical Parameters

Productivity80-250 kg / hour
Size Of Input≤ 8 mm
Size Of Output40-120 mesh
Electric Supply380v/50Hz
Net Weight2000KG

Machine can be customized as clients requires.

PE Pulverizer

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PE Pulverizer

Scope of Application

The PVC pulverizer machine is suitable for all kinds of man-made and natural,synthetic rubber, a variety of rubber shoes material, such as EVA, PVC,foam, foamed rubber scrap, MD, EVA, SBR, RB, PE, NBR could be recycled by our recycling machine.

PE Pulverizer

Packaging & Shipping

Packing : seaworthy fully closed wooden box and packed with PE film.

Shipping: by sea

PE Pulverizer