Side and Heel Lasting Machine

Machine Characteristic 1. The side and heel lasting machine main feature is that the support frame can second push with the best lasting effect. 2.This machine is suitable for lasting the shoes with general or soft insoles and with the heels at the height less than 180mm. 3.This design adopts...
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Product Details

Machine Characteristic

1. The setting of the parameters (time and stroke) is by numerical key in, with the protection of the key switch to avoid the reading or changing by the non-authorized.

2. The side and heel lasting machine is equipped with five fingers / serven fingers lasting structure, with the designed function for the overlapped lasting area with heel lasting device.

3. It suits for all kinds of shoes. The tightening device is wrapped by chains and performs well.

4. The shoe making machine are adopts the limited design of screws,nuts and cooper balls to adjust the height fast and accurately.

5. The PLC system is equipped with the touch screen to operate the machine with the graphical symbols.

6. The last supporter has special ascending oil way design ,which can absolutely control the last at the set position during the lasting process.

7.Safe and easy to operate, even an inexperienced worker can operate.Easy to clean up,minimize the damage.

Technical Parameters

Dimensions(L*W*H) : 1130*750*1450mm

Packing Size(L*W*H) : 1160*780*1480mm

Production : 3000Pairs/8hr

Electric Supply : 380v/50Hz

Weight : 440KG

Powder : 2HP

Electronic Heat : 1Kw

Side and Heel Lasting Machine

Side and Heel Lasting Machine

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Side and Heel Lasting Machine


Side and Heel Lasting Machine

Assembly Workshop

Side and Heel Lasting Machine

Our Services

1. The good service team of skilled and well-equipped.
2. If the customer demand foe services,the company promised within 24 hours of acceptance and deal.
3. Each client establish a separate file so that we can clear know using status of each device.
4. Technician provide oversea service available.

5. Mature skills training so that staff can skillfully operate the equipment.

Packaging & Shipping

Packing :

1. Outside package: Standard export wooden case .
2.Inner package:Stretch film.

Shipping: by sea

Side and Heel Lasting Machine