Toilet Paper Printing Machine

Main Technical Parameters: 1.Toilet Paper Machine Production Speed : 130-180 m / min 2.Max Diameter Of Toilet Paper : ≤ Φ 130 mm ( Other sizes can be ordered ) 3.Max Diameter Of Jumbo Roll Paper : ≤ Φ 1200 mm ( Other sizes can be ordered ) 4.Perforating Distance : 100-150mm 5.Specification Of Jumbo Roll : 16 ~ 60 g / m2 6.Toilet Paper Machine Power (1575 A) : 4.5kw ( 380V 50HZ ) 7.Toilet Paper Machine Machine Size : 4.2*2.6*1.4 m ( L*H*W ) 8.Toilet Paper Machine Weight : about 2.2 Tons (1575A)

Product Details

Toilet paper printing machine features

1. The automatic paper tube changing device does not need to manually pass the paper tube. After the rewinding is completed, the finished product is automatically sent out, and the rewinding is immediately reset. The paper tube of any specification can be adjusted freely within 1 minute.

2. The automatic trimming, glue spraying and sealing synchronization are completed once, and the finished product has a 10-18mm paper tail, which is convenient to be used, which reduces the loss of the paper tail during the production of the ordinary winder, thereby reducing the product cost.

3. Adopt advanced PLC programming technology. Man-machine dialogue control, production parameter fault screen display.

4. High-precision spiral soft knife, low noise of 4-knife punching, clearer punching, and large adjustment range of gearbox.

5. Three-layer horizontal paper-removing frame, pneumatic paper, pneumatic wide belt feeding, and each roll of paper has independent adjustment devices.

6. The embossing device adopts a point-to-point double-sided embossing system to make the finished double-sided effect uniform, soft to the touch, and clear and beautiful embossing. (required by customer)

7. The front and rear jog switches are used to pull the base paper, which makes the operation easier and safer.

Toilet paper printing machine working processing

toilet paper printing machine

toilet paper printing machine

toilet paper printing machine

toilet paper printing machine

toilet paper printing machine

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