Toilet Paper Manufacturing Machine

Main Technical Parameters: 1.Toilet Paper Machine Production Speed : 130-180 m / min 2.Max Diameter Of Toilet Paper : ≤ Φ 130 mm ( Other sizes can be ordered ) 3.Max Diameter Of Jumbo Roll Paper : ≤ Φ 1200 mm ( Other sizes can be ordered ) 4.Perforating Distance : 100-150mm 5.Specification Of Jumbo Roll : 16 ~ 60 g / m2 6.Toilet Paper Machine Power (1575 A) : 4.5kw ( 380V 50HZ ) 7.Toilet Paper Machine Machine Size : 4.2*2.6*1.4 m ( L*H*W ) 8.Toilet Paper Machine Weight : about 2.2 Tons (1575A)

Product Details

Toilet paper manufacturing machine features

1.The machine adopts the most advanced partial transmission system, which is easy to operate and has high stability.

2.The paper-returning frame adopts a roll-up independent paper, which is convenient to replace the original paper, solves the traditional paper-changing difficulty, and can be equipped with one to four layers of base paper.

3.High speed and high efficiency, which can increase production capacity by 25% compared with similar products.

4.The machine adopts the keyless synchronous toothed belt to replace the traditional chain gear, the transmission does not need to be refueled, the noise is low, and the operation is stable. (The timing belt adopts foreign high-intensity timing belt)

5.The whole machine electrical components, control system uses well-known brands at home and abroad.

The punching pitch adjustment is simple, and the punching line is clear and stable.

6.Crimped grain: It adopts the most advanced electric engraving flower bag control, and the embossing is clear.

7.The tightness of the product is good, the tightness of the product can be adjusted according to the customer's requirements, and the product can be controlled by the pitch or diameter until it is reached, which is convenient for automatic connection of the automatic production line.

Toilet paper manufacturing machine working processing

toilet paper manufacturing machine

toilet paper manufacturing machine

toilet paper manufacturing machine

toilet paper manufacturing machine

toilet paper manufacturing machine

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