Automatic Toilet Paper Production Line

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Product Details

The automatic toilet paper production line includes three production equipments: automatic toilet paper rewinding machine, rotary automatic paper cutter and automatic toilet paper packaging machine.

Automatic toilet paper machine operation process:

    First, the raw paper holder is placed on the paper feed tray. The paper feed tray has an automatic paper feeding device. Paper feeding device. 

    Then feed the paper into the paper feed roller. In front of the paper feed roller, there is a bar device for flattening the paper surface, a rearward punching device, and finally a guide roller device, and a hollow paper shaft device on both sides of the guide roller. 

    To make unintentional roll paper, to achieve certain specifications, the toilet paper machine will automatically stop to automatically roll out the roll paper, separate the roll paper through the paper cutter, and automatically seal the glue at the same time as the cut paper, the whole process is completed, after the start delay to time, The toilet tissue machine will restart automatically, and the finished product will be cut into different sizes of rolls by a large saw. 

   The whole process of automatic toilet paper production line is controlled by computer programming PLC, frequency conversion to complete, automatic toilet paper rewinder counting features: frequency control, photoelectric, pneumatic control, embossing, punching, winding, automatic gluing, cutting, sealing, Automatic blowing in one, ensuring smooth winding. 

   The automatic trimming, glue spraying and sealing are completed synchronously, and the paper is transferred to the band saw machine to cut the packaging to reduce the paper loss, thereby greatly improving the production efficiency and the grade of the finished product.

Automatic toilet paper production line

Automatic toilet paper production lineAutomatic toilet paper production line

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