Napkin Packing Machine

Production Speed:15-20bags/min ; Packing Quantity:25-40pcs/bag ; Packing Way:Conveyor belt type automatic transmission ; Packing Size(W*H):(180-230)*(85-105)mm or customerised ; Packing Machine Power:0.4kw (220V 50HZ) ; Gas:0.5Mpa ; Overall Size Of Equipment(L*W*H):2100mm * 800mm * 1400mm .

Product Details

Napkin Packing Machine Application

1. The product directly on the cylinder front-end push the paper, packaging bag openings set into the entrance and exit; point switch button, push the paper into the air bag package, while automatically cutting off bags and complete sealing.

2. The aircraft can be directly connected front-end for automatic packaging, for continuous work.

3. Paper napkin press unit, press the napkin tissue before filling into bags, guarantee good packing effect.

4. Packing Plastic film wrap the machine, then load into 20" contain, LCL Client can customize wooden box packing also.

5. Any updated promotion, discount activities from us, we will inform you at the first time.

napkin packing machine

napkin packing machine

napkin packing machine

napkin packing machine

napkin packing machine

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