Facial Tissue Converting Machine

Facial Tissue Converting Machine

Facial Tissue Paper Machine With Following Features 1. Working process: Two jumbo roll of material unwinding--embossing--cutting--absorbing-- spiral knife cutting-- V folding(paper hand by hand)--counting--output facial paper. 2. The cutting system of facial tissue machine is composed of saw...

Product Details

Facial Tissue Converting Machine Main Functions And Feature

1. Equipped with steel to steel or steel to rubber embossing roller, pneumatically separating.

2. Pneumatic jumbo roll loading, pneumatic paper driving, stepless speed additionustment, and web tension control.

3. Equipped with Roots Type vacuum pump for stable running of the machine.

4. Pneumatic dot slitting and full slitting are available to make various products width.

5. Equipped with edge embossing unit to keep the plies together

6. Jumbo roll guiding system available.

7. The machine will stop when the paper broken.It avoid waste caused by no paper or 

paper broken.

8. The web can be threaded on the machine by the two jog buttons, It's more safety and easier to thread the web.

facial tissue converting machine

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