Why Is The Automatic Polishing Machine Difficult To Popularize?

- May 31, 2019-

The popularization of automatic polishing machine

In many people's view, the automatic polishing machine is widely available in the future due to its high efficiency and good quality of processed products. But the reality is not optimistic, although many large and medium-sized enterprises have begun to recognize and accept automatic polishing machine equipment. However, in the global metal surface processing industry, small and medium-sized enterprises and small family-owned workshops are still the main force of the industry. Most of them are still not interested in automatic polishing machine equipment. What is the actual cause?

1. The problem of layoffs. Many manual polishing workers have been working in a company for more than 5 years, and many small workshops are composed of relatives and friends. Once transformed, it means layoffs, which is a difficult decision for the boss.

2. The price is high. The automatic polisher is still relatively expensive compared to the manual polisher equipment on the market. Small and medium-sized enterprises have limited liquidity, and it is still difficult to invest large sums of money in equipment purchases.

3. Quality issues. Many manufacturers are still worried about the quality of the products polished by the automatic polishing machine. If the expected results are not achieved, the customer orders cannot be completed on time, which will be a big loss.

4. Operational problems. In the eyes of many bosses, the operation of automatic polishing machine equipment definitely requires professional personnel to operate. Worried that the existing polishing master is not competent, there will be a shortage of talent.

The above four factors may be the main factors that cause many small and medium-sized enterprises to make uncertain decisions on the path of automatic polishing machine transformation. Therefore, as an automatic polishing machine manufacturer, we should make more changes and efforts in sales, equipment explanation and personnel training. First, higher-priced devices can take installments. Or flexible trading methods such as renting. Again, it is to let customers as much as possible. On-site inspection and proofing, on-site small-scale processing and production to dispel customer concerns. Finally, you can provide free equipment operation training for each customer who orders the equipment. Let customers get the equipment to be proficient. In this way, automatic polishing machine equipment can gradually become popular among small and medium-sized enterprises. In this way, both the equipment seller and the purchaser can obtain more benefits from the automatic polishing machine equipment, which is a win-win situation.

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