Which Machines Do You Need To Make A Faucet

- Apr 17, 2018-

To make a faucet,need gravity casting machine can produce better quality taps, steel molds, etc.

Production of faucets:

Copper ingot → Dissolution → Casting (Low-grade cast-in-place casting, High-quality faucet casting with gravity) → Cleaning after casting → Casting inspection → Machining → Tolerance inspection → Grinding → Surface inspection → Plating → Plating inspection → Assembly → Test pressure → Finished product inspection → packaging → factory.

Casting: low-grade casting with cast-in-place, high-quality faucet with gravity casting, relatively new technology is die-casting, and one-time pressure-grinding is similar to the current zinc alloy die-casting process.

Quality control: Before the finished product, the quality in the production process is controlled by the quality control, and the later-stage cost is sent to the packaging for quality inspection by the quality assurance department, mainly to inspect the product packaging and placing.

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