Whats The Main Features Of Sand Molding Machine?

- Nov 25, 2019-

Whats the main features of sand molding machine?

1, the technical workers demand low

    Because of the simple operation of sand molding machine, it is easy to train and you can get a job.

2, reduce labor intensity and cost

    The molding machine uses mechanical shocking and compaction instead of manual work, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and cost of workers.

3, the production speed is fast and the efficiency is high

    The mechanical shape is usually more than double the original manual shape, 300*400*200 sand box, and the single machine single machine can produce 400 boxes in 8 hours.

4, the appearance of the casting is smooth and beautiful

    Adopting mechanical compaction and compaction, it has higher compactness than ordinary hand-formed sand. The sandbox adopts precise processing method to ensure that the box is not flattened. The smoothness of the casting is guaranteed.

5, The precision of the casting is high and the weight is consistent.

    The sand tightness of the machine shape can ensure the precision of the casting and is not easy to be deformed, so the work difference can be appropriately reduced, the machining allowance can be reduced, and the cost can be reduced for subsequent machining.

6, high yield

    The molding machine adopts compressed air as the power and mechanized production. The compaction, compaction and demoulding are all done mechanically, reducing the waste caused by human factors and the yield is extremely high.

SAND molding machine