What’s Facial Tissue Machine Used For

- May 03, 2018-

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      This production line was used to process the facial tissue product, it's a process from original paper to final product, it's include folding the paper, cutting the paper and packing, the line was automatic produce form cutting paper to packing paper, it can reduce the workers and effectively improve production efficiency, reduce the produce cost, and the line is very easy to operate, lower repair cost, and easy to manage, its failures tracing and alarm system, failure will be found and settled easy, it's effective to protect machine, reduce the loss.

This facial tissue production line including machines as following:

1 FT Facial tissue making machine 1SET(The width of the paper roll depend on client's requirement)
2 FC Log saw facial tissue cutting machine 1SET
3 RC300B Automatic facial tissue packing machine 1SET

Workers & Capacity estimated


One or two workers put the length tissue into the conveyor of cutting machine from the facial tissue making machine, one worker packing tissue with box.

Capacity estimated

The facial tissue packing machine speed is 80 bags/min, For 1 hour working time, capacity is 4800 bag, for 8 hours per day, capacity is 38400 bags.

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