What's Our Service Philosophy

- Dec 31, 2018-

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Our service philosophy: to serve our customers and grow together with our customers.

First. Pre-sale Service

Pre-sales service is an important part of our customer service system. We work with our customers on machine selection, process planning, fixtures, tool selection, test piece processing, etc., to provide customers with economical and reasonable configuration solutions, we provide you with Not just machine tools, but also a complete solution. You only need to ask your needs, everything else is solved by us.

Second. Sales Service

Actively reach a consensus with customers on business and technology, and strictly follow the contract to establish a strict production plan to meet customer delivery requirements to the utmost extent.

Third. After Sale Service

Non-human reasons, the machine free warranty within five years, electrical three-year warranty, lifetime service; 24-hour telephone online service, 2 hours after receiving the user's official repair service notice, the phone can not solve the 48-hour arrival at the customer site. Proactively, quickly and effectively solve customer problems, and provide active maintenance and guidance on machine tools on a regular basis.

1. Warranty scope, warranty conditions

The warranty period is from the date of final acceptance of the equipment, providing professional technical support, and all faulty parts (including all gears, electrical appliances, except for wearing parts such as light bulbs) that are not damaged by human beings during the warranty period are replaced free of charge.

2. Solve problems and speed up troubleshooting

The company is equipped with a technically competent and well-equipped technical service team to provide users with fast and thoughtful services. If there is any problem, the company will respond within 3 hours and the on-site maintenance will arrive in 48 hours.

3. Training and guidance for equipment use

We can consult the after-sales department at any time during the use of the equipment. We will provide technical support free of charge to enable the relevant personnel to master the routine maintenance and use of the product.

4, return visit

After the device is installed and used for 3 months, the customer service center will be responsible for routine return visits to the device and a comprehensive understanding of the devices in use, so that users can feel at ease.

5, filing management

In order to make the equipment stable and normal operation and convenient for maintenance work, the user and management personnel will be recorded and filed, so that the equipment can be solved in time when the equipment fails.

6, late

After the equipment warranty period, it can still provide a wide range of preferential technical support and equipment spare parts supply.

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