What Questions Common To Gravity Casting Machines

- Sep 29, 2018-

gravity casting machines

1. It is best to pour without knowing it. This leads to the faulty evaluation and selection of casting equipment.

2, the use of straight-line type no-box exterior line, but faulty choice to make up for the low-power pouring machine to meet the demand for discontinued molten iron.

3. Select the straight-lined profiled line, but mistakenly select the horizontal typed profile casting machine.

4, non-heated pouring machine for horizontal classification with box outer line pouring gray iron, this is certainly not an aspirational choice, especially for the production of large messy parts (such as engine body and cylinder head casting), which is simply It is a fault.

5, the fault is that the horizontal profile line pouring machine needs to have the function of chasing, to be able to produce normally.

6. In the high-speed profile line, it is mistaken to think that the craft casting is more economical than the automatic pouring machine.

7. The ductile iron is produced, and the non-ball iron pouring machine is used by mistake.

8, a lot of over-plating and under-plating, sometimes over-casting and even damage to the profile.

9. Differences between hybrid mechanized pouring machines, predictive semi-automatic pouring machines and fully automatic pouring machines.

10, the eruption when pouring, a lot of splashes of molten iron.

11. There are more slag holes and stomata waste products, and the sand is severe.

12. The casting yield is low.

13, the gestation effect is not good, the casting quality is not high.

14. The temperature of the pouring machine is too large, and the temperature drops very much, often reaching 5~8°C/min.

15. The life of the casting machine lining is too low.

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