What Is The Difference Between Automatic Molding Machine And A Traditional Artificial Molding?

- Sep 17, 2019-

What is the difference between a fully automatic molding machine and a traditional artificial molding?

a. Traditional artificial modeling production process:

1. Traditional hand-made method, low production efficiency and high work intensity;

2, technical workers are difficult to recruit, high labor costs, low yield;

3, large area, dirty, chaotic, poor environment;

4. There are many wearing parts, the casting quality is low, and the production cost is high.

b. Fully automatic molding machine:

1, the modeling quality is stable, efficient, high production efficiency, 24 hours of operation.

2. Fully implement intelligent control, automatic operation, and simple training operation.

3, beautiful appearance, clean environment, no dust, small footprint, easy to install.

4. Low operating cost, safe and reliable, easy to maintain, and provide continuous productivity.

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