What Is The Die Casting Machine Safety Operation Procedures?

- Oct 24, 2019-

Die casting machine safety operation procedures

1. The operator must wear the labor insurance products (such as overalls, gloves, etc.) issued by the company. It is strictly forbidden to expose the arms and legs.

2. The operator must be familiar with the operation points of the die casting machine that he is operating, and strictly control the casting requirements to adjust the mold and die-casting process parameters.

3. Do not use cold, wet or oily spoons to extract aluminum liquid to avoid explosion and injury. All tools in direct contact with aluminum should be dried before use.

4. In order to improve the furnace temperature in a short time, it is strictly forbidden to directly use the diesel or other combustion-supporting materials to spill the furnace to prevent the operator from being burnt and burned by the fire in the furnace.

5. After the die casting machine is started, no one other than the operator is allowed to extend any part of the body into the pressure chamber. The operator must concentrate and pay attention to safety.

6. Lifting equipment should be taken when installing the mold. It should be strictly checked before use. It should be highly concentrated during loading and unloading, and pay attention to safety.

7. Before the reservoir is filled with nitrogen, check whether the pressure of the nitrogen bottle is normal, so as to prevent the oil and gas in the reservoir from being poured into the nitrogen bottle.

8. All pipeline pressures should not exceed the specified maximum value to prevent fires caused by pipeline explosions.

9. It is not allowed to operate the maximum opening distance or the minimum opening distance travel switch of the pressure injection machine. The casting ejector distance should meet the process requirements to prevent mold damage.

10. In case of emergency during operation, stop immediately. If the electrical appliance is faulty, it shall notify the technician to repair it, and shall not disassemble it without authorization.

11. After the work is completed, the oil pump must be stopped and all power supplies must be turned off.

12. The work area around the die-casting machine should be kept clean and tidy. It is strictly forbidden to pile up debris. Before leaving work, you should arrange the products, clean the site, and make a record of the handover.