What Is Advantages Of Automatic Molding Machine?

- Jul 25, 2019-

What is the advantages of automatic molding machine?

The sand molding machine manufacturer introduces the advantages brought by the automatic molding machine to the customer.

Now some problems you may face:

1. Urgent need to upgrade the transformation of automated casting, but I do not know which model is more suitable

2. Using automation equipment, worrying about the large scale of investment and long period of capital recovery.

3. The labor intensity is high, the factory personnel are seriously lost, the recruitment pressure is high, and the personnel cost is high.

4. Traditional manual modeling production, high cost and low casting quality.

5. There are big orders that I dare not pick up, and I am worried about production supply problems.

Automatic molding machine advantages

The automatic molding machine has the characteristics of small investment, high efficiency, labor saving, small footprint, uniform manufacturing weight, smooth appearance and advanced design concept, which helps the foundry enterprises solve a series of problems.

1. The sand type is stable and reliable, avoiding human interference; the old template is available, saving mold cost.

2. It can be continuously produced and the running cost is low.

3. Fully automatic modeling, no professional operation required.

4. Rapidly put into production, a variety of existing conditions of the transformation program.

SAND molding machine

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