Use Of Injection Moulding Machine

- Jan 20, 2018-

Injection moulding machine is also known as injection molding machine or injection machine. It is the main molding equipment which makes the plastic products of various shapes by using plastic moulding moulds of thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics. is divided into vertical, horizontal, full electric type. The injection molding function heats the plastic and exerts high pressure on the molten plastic to inject it into the mold cavity.

The injection moulding machine has the ability of compact plastic products with complex shape, precise size or metal inlay, and is widely used in national defense, electromechanical, automobile, transportation, building materials, packaging, agriculture, culture and education, and people's daily life. In the rapid development of the plastic industry today, the injection molding machine no matter in quantity or variety occupies an important position, its total production accounted for the entire plastic molding equipment 20%--30%, thus becoming the current plastic machinery in the fastest growing, production of the largest number of one of the machines.