The Requirements Of The Core Shooter And Its Users Put Forward Practical Features

- May 14, 2019-

The requirements of the core shooter and its users put forward practical features

According to the questions currently asked by customers, the following are summarized as follows:

1. The core shooter machine does not necessarily pursue the production capacity of the equipment in the production process. More importantly, it has a certain or high production capacity under the basic conditions of reliable and practical equipment, so we should be more in the design and production process. Focus on the practicality and reliability of the equipment, and then pursue high efficiency.

2, the perfection of equipment is the pursuit of many core equipment manufacturers, but the perfection of the equipment brings the following problems, so that the equipment consumption unit is confused.

2.1, the equipment has more functions and complex control system, with high-tech content and complex equipment; invisible these have become the burden of equipment manufacturers, for example, these problems: high maintenance costs, high Maintenance personnel requirements, higher accessory prices, etc.

2.2, the purchase of equipment is high (high equipment manufacturing costs).

2.3. Poor practicality; products produced by many foundry companies are almost single or relatively single, and their responsible equipment will bring unnecessary equipment difficulties to users.

3. At present, in many enterprises, the true user (operator) of the equipment or the relative professional knowledge is weak. There are many safety accidents that the foundry enterprise should not use during the use of the equipment, causing economic losses to the enterprise. Our equipment manufacturers should consider these factors for this issue.

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