The Future Growth Rate Of The Foundry Sand Molding Machine Industry Is Unquestionable

- Mar 21, 2019-

The future growth rate of the foundry sand molding machine industry is unquestionable

In the next five years, global investment in casting sand molding machinery will increase by an average of 2 trillion US dollars per year. Chinese companies only need to find the right market and industry, and they have the opportunity to seize the opportunities before the full recovery of the economy. Globally, the top ten fastest growing trade sectors in the next five years are renewable energy, container packaging products, foundry molds, coal and coal products, processed foods, power control systems and equipment, oil and gas, wheat, Iron ore and steel products as well as plastic products.


In terms of regions, most of the fastest-growing import and export regions in the next five years are emerging markets, and the fastest-growing export markets include Egypt, Panama, Indonesia, Brazil and Peru, and the fastest growing import markets. For Egypt, Panama, Paraguay, India and Australia.

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