The Development Of The Paper Machinery Industry Will Have A Broader Space In The Future.

- Jan 10, 2019-

     So far, the development of China's paper machinery industry is not perfect. However, we firmly believe that China's paper machinery industry will have better and better development! As the saying goes, "There will be development if there is a defect", which is also a good indication of the development of China's paper machinery industry! Napkin machine

    Now the development of China's paper machinery industry has a good development prospect!

    The leading companies in the industry have gradually paid attention to the technical exchanges and cooperation between the company and the supporting companies such as electric drive, automation, computer control, environmental protection and other supporting companies in the whole machine supporting equipment, such as electric drive, automation, computer control, and environmental protection. Started to cooperate with domestic enterprises in the metallurgy, machinery, chemical, electronic instrumentation, computer and other industries to solve the problem of special processing parts, special raw materials and spare parts that the industry itself lacks.

    In the paper machinery industry, the structure and mechanism of corporate economic types have undergone significant changes during the 10th Five-Year Plan period. Leading enterprises in the industry, from the original 50% are state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, have been transformed into more than 95% of joint-venture enterprises, multi-investment joint-stock enterprises and private joint-stock enterprises, the proportion of the original state-owned enterprises has dropped significantly.

    With the rapid development of China's economy and science and technology, the state attaches great importance to the investment in the introduction of technology and equipment and technological transformation in the paper industry. Paper machinery enterprises are very large in terms of scale, rapid level, product level and manufacturing capacity. The improvement and the gap between the international advanced papermaking equipment are getting smaller and smaller, and some aspects are even in a leading position.

    For example, China's non-wood fiber pulping technology, the market share of domestic medium-sized pulp and paper complete production lines has significantly improved, and has initially shown the comparative advantage in competition with international multinational companies.

    The changes in the system and mechanism have significantly enhanced the company's vitality and ability to adapt to the market, accelerated the company's product structure adjustment and comprehensive competitiveness, and laid an important foundation for the sustainable development of the paper machinery industry.