The Development Of CNC Milling Machine In The Machine Tool Industry

- Sep 10, 2018-

Seen from the characteristics of digital control technology. Since the effect control machine adopts the servo motor, the digital technology realizes the direct control of the working sequence and the motion displacement of the machine tool. The gearbox structure of the traditional machine tool is cancelled or partially canceled, and the mechanical structure is also greatly simplified. Digital control also requires mechanical systems with high transmission stiffness and no drive clearance to ensure control command execution and control quality. Simultaneously. Due to the continuous improvement of computer level and control capability, it has become possible to allow more functional components to perform various auxiliary functions at the same time on the same machine tool, so the mechanical knot of CNC machine tools has higher integration function requirements than traditional machine tools. .


From the requirements of the development of manufacturing technology, with the emergence of new materials and new processes, and the demand for low cost in the market competition, metal cutting is moving towards higher cutting speed and precision, higher production efficiency and system. More and more reliable development. This requires higher precision CNC machine tools developed on the basis of traditional machine tools. The driving power is too much, the mechanical mechanism is static, the thermal stiffness is better, the work is more reliable, and the long-term continuous operation and the minimum downtime can be realized.

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