Pulverizer Machine

- Jul 14, 2018-

pulverizing Machine.jpg

CBC Group Corporation's new vertical stainless steel pulverizer machine mill has a diameter of 350mm and a maximum of 800mm. It belongs to the series of grinding disc mills. EVA mills are widely used in moderate hardness, impact resistant and brittle materials such as PE, PVC, PP, ABS, PA, EVA, PET, PS, PPS, EPS, PC, foam, cowhide and so on.

We are a professional manufacturer and exporter of shoes making machine, sush as toe lasting machine,hydraulic sewing arm cutting machine and shoes upper materials, we also have powder grind machine for recycling rubber and plastic foam scrap such as EVA,PE,sponge etc. If you have any demand or need to help ,please feel free to contact us by Artemis

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