Plastic Powder Machine Advantages

- Jul 16, 2018-

Plastic Powder Machine

This plastic powder machine is a new type of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly recycling equipment (suitable for the recovery of rubber and plastic foam scraps such as MD, EVA, SBR, RB, PE, sponge). The traditional scrap recycling is usually broken by a crusher (22KW), and then mixed into a sheet by a rubber mixing machine (55KW). The effective effect is about 100 kg (the workers need 3-4 people). After high temperature extrusion, it is easy to cause dead materials, and the recovery rate is high. Greatly reduced. The mill uses a high-efficiency, water-cooled integrated grinding wheel, the main motor is 45KW, the machine can work continuously for 24 hours, the actual effect is about 120-150 kg (depending on the material), one person can operate. Free of crushing, no rubber, directly grinding the scrap into powder, the mesh number can reach 80-120 mesh, the ground powder is close to normal temperature (60 degrees), so its physical properties will not be destroyed, its superiority is the grinding In terms of addition, each batch can be added with 10-45% powder, and the foamed sheet can be thickened by 3-5 mm per bed, and the density is higher, no color difference, and the mixing time is shortened. The mixing shaft is not easy to break, which can greatly increase the output. Each machine can create a profit of more than 1,500 yuan per company. Quanzhou CBC Group Corporation Machinery Factory is mainly engaged in the production and sales of shoe machinery such as EVA mill, shoe mill, rubber and plastic mill, etc. Welcome customers to purchase information.