Our Company Development Of Foundry Machinery

- Jan 21, 2019-

At present, it has developed into a strong manufacturer in the domestic foundry machinery industry. It is specialized in automatic gravity casting machine, core shooting machine core machine, coated sand equipment, various casting mold production, manufacturing, sales and technology development. A company that produces new products.

The company has a number of domestic and foreign scientific and technological personnel, the introduction of advanced German technology and foreign key spare parts, has always attached importance to and ensure the perfect equipment necessary for the success of the business, especially the modern talent training, the company not only has first-class technical talents, First-class production equipment, advanced production technology, high-quality staff, sophisticated inspection equipment, so that the company's products stand out among the competitive peers, and always in a leading position. The company promises to provide a comprehensive, proactive, fast, sincere and high-quality "five-hearted" service in the process of "all for the customer, create value for customers", and use the technical advantages to provide customers with a full-day production line planning solution. From pre-sales door design, in-sale consultation, after-sales installation and commissioning to implementation and maintenance, to help customers achieve greater success.

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