Latest Polishing Cloth Wheel Structure For Sale

- Jun 05, 2019-

Polishing cloth wheel, the meaning of the word is to use the cloth as a wheel for polishing, which is one of the commonly used materials for Buffing Wheel CNC Polishing Machine. Its structure is divided into three types: 1. Non-stitched cloth wheel. It is made of soft cotton cloth, which is suitable for polishing complex shapes or for fine polishing of small workpieces. 2. Stitched. It is made of coarse cloth, non-woven fabric and fine flat cloth. The stitching can be in the form of concentric spiral and direct radiation. It is better to polish various coatings and simple shapes. 3. Air-cooled cloth wheel. It adopts a 45-degree angle cutting method and has a ring-shaped pleated shape with a metal disc in the middle. It has the characteristics of ventilation and heat dissipation, and it is suitable to polish large workpieces.

Buffing Wheel CNC Polishing Machine

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