Kiva Mobile Robot At Amason Logistics Center

- Jul 19, 2018-

Robot Grinding Polishing machine

When it comes to "industrial robots", whether it is a robot manufacturer or a robotic automation integrator, please don't limit your eyes to the articulated arm without head and brain. In addition to a large number of manufacturing plants, industrial robots still have huge application potential and market space in all logistics sectors. Think Automation In this article, Amason's mobile robots (often referred to as AGV cars or AIV cars in China) are like this:

      Traces of old news: In March 2013, e-commerce giant Amazon acquired Kiva Systems, a robot company, for 775 million in cash. The company integrated hardware and software to make the whole process of picking, packaging and transporting products smoother. The company uses self-made mobile robots. And sophisticated control software to provide a complete system for retailers. Amazon has been using automated execution centers, and this acquisition will help Amazon improve its efficiency.

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