How To Increase The Production Efficiency Of The Sander?

- Jul 22, 2019-

How to increase the production efficiency of the automatic sander?

1. It is necessary to have a safety cover for all tumbling on the automatic sander and use it accurately;

2. At the time of closing or before starting the machine, it is necessary to tell the staff of the same station to pay attention to it, then turn it on and open the machine for one minute. No abnormality can work, and the use of defects is obstructed;

3. When operating, obstruct the processing of two different materials and specifications of wood at one time;

4, adhere to the leveling when feeding, if the material is found to be horizontal or stuck, stop the table to remove the wood;

5, each cutting should be 2-8mm, if you encounter hard wood, in addition to reducing the amount of cutting should also reduce the feeding speed.

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