How To Help The Elderly Choose Shoes

- Jun 04, 2018-

Pick three principles of shoes:

The old man should follow the principle of “wide front shoes, tough shoes, and hard heels”. That is, at least one centimeter must be set in front of the toes to allow enough space for the toes to move; moderate mid-shoe tenacity is not easy to stomp, and when tossing shoes, it can be twisted by hand to observe, twisting or twisting into "tangle" shape No, the elderly's heel's fat pad becomes thinner and their cushioning ability becomes weaker. If one doesn't pay attention to stepping on a small stone, the heel will be very painful and the chance of plantar fasciitis will increase. So the heel should have a certain hardness, and at least 2-3 cm high, it helps to spread the pressure on the soles of the feet. In addition, the elderly should penetrate good shoes with good air quality, such as sports shoes, and try to avoid plastics and other materials; it is best to use fasteners, shoes, buckles, etc., because the shoelaces are not only easy to loosen, but also increase the number of old people who are stumbled risk.

First, the old man picking shoes tips

The anti-skid performance of soles is good. Do not choose those shoes that are too flat in the winter. This kind of shoes is very slippery when it touches the water. Try to choose shoes with non-skid soles to reduce the friction between the shoes and the ground and reduce the legs of the elderly. Tension.

Second, with the high right

The heel should not exceed 3 cm. The closer to the ground the stability, the less likely it will slip. However, it is not appropriate to have a flat heel. A heel of about 2 cm can improve the anti-seismic ability of the elderly foot and protect the spinal disc.

Third, there are gluing, buckle

Older shoes are best secured with shoes, buckles, etc., because the shoelaces are not only easy to loosen, but also increase the risk of old people being tripped.

The old man tries the shoe's technique: The old people are afraid that the foot is being squeezed. It is possible for the elderly to select a slightly larger shoe. Every evening is the time when the footsteps are the most swollen. This time is suitable for trying on shoes. The average old person has two feet. It's not usually big, so it's better to try on both feet. The old man's feet are not wearable. Therefore, the shoes must be comfortable to wear at the moment. Try to wear at least ten minutes, walk around, and make decisions; When standing, turn your feet to the left and right to test the stability of the shoes. If the feet are easy to turn over, it is recommended not to buy them. When you squat down, the shoes are not easy to fit. Therefore, you need to check your feeling when you are under your arms. Push the toe or heel forward or back to see if the shoe completely wraps the foot

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