How To Do After-sales Service Of The Sand Molding Machine?

- Aug 20, 2019-

How to do after-sales service of the automatic samd molding machine?

Every time the automatic sand molding machine arrives at the customer's hand, when debugging production, we will send someone to demonstrate, explain and debug for the first time and until the equipment can operate in a fast time. At the moment of action, we still Will repeat the important steps, and also try it on the spot, try to produce their main products, and customers will be particularly satisfied with our product effects, brand reputation is naturally formed!

At the same time, our fully automatic horizontal molding machine has also won the national utility model certificate and design certificate. This is a more practical thing, and our entire equipment is based on customer practical advice and practical problems to improve, a large accumulated experience has helped us through one after another to achieve today's results.

We are a well-known developer and manufacturer of fully automatic horizontal modeling of clay sands in China, with sales customers all over the world. We have won unanimous praise from our customers with advanced technology, exquisite craftsmanship and first-class service. Casting King continues to introduce new models, single-station automatic horizontal sand molding machine 4 models 600x700, 550x600, 500x600, 420x520, continue to launch this year's market vertical sand-sand double-station molding machine 600x700, and vertical sand single station 500x600 and 550x600. The cover covers a wide range, solves the modeling problems of most foundry companies, and protects the foundry enterprises.

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