How To Distinguish The Quality Of Automatic Polishing Machine?

- Jul 20, 2019-

The quality of purchasing automatic polishing machine is the key, then, how to distinguish the quality of automatic polishing machine? Today, teach everyone to look at the quality of polishing machine from four aspects.

1. Use problem: The design of the size and structure of the automatic polishing machine is critical, and the better structure and reasonable scientific size are the key to improving efficiency.

2. Noise problem: Some factories have poor processing equipment and are backward. In addition, the quality is poor, the manufactured parts are very bad, the gap between the parts is too large, and the speed of the abrasive cloth is too fast. The automatic polishing machine will cause noise. !

3. Vibration: Some automatic polishing machines vibrate very much. If they are not fixed, they will “run around”! The balance of the rotating wheels is not good. Another reason is that the supporting parts of the supporting wheels are too large, resulting in the production of parts. Relative motion, vibration.

4. Life: Some brands of automatic polishing machine will be broken in a short time, mainly because there is no heat treatment, some gray cast iron, poor lubrication, too low or too high hardness!

From the above four aspects, we can see the quality of the automatic polishing machine, I hope to help everyone. Generally, regular manufacturers have advanced technology, advanced equipment, strict technology, etc. The polishing machines produced are relatively good, so it is better to buy polishing machines or regular manufacturers.

automatic polishing machine

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