Global Adult Diaper Market Production And Sales Situation

- Jun 02, 2019-

Global adult diaper market production and sales situation

The history of adult diapers is not far away—about half a century ago, the world’s first diaper was born in the 1980s, polymer water absorbing resin was introduced into Japan by diapers. The better water absorption makes this material famous. The "second generation core" made for diapers; as the developed countries gradually entered the aging society, adult diapers began to attract attention from the business as a non-negligible member of the care products, and their technology and market share have developed rapidly.

The growth of adult diapers is related to the background of the times and technological advancement. The development process has experienced four eras: the early era, the era of technology conversion, the era of independent excretion, and the era of diversified commodities.

The materials for making diapers generally include non-woven fabrics, toilet paper, high-absorption core layers (water absorbing resin and fluff pulp), base film (PE film), rubber bands, stickers (front + left and right), waist elastic bands, and the like. Although the diaper styles on the market are exquisite, the basic structure is similar. Generally, the diaper can be specifically divided into a surface coating layer, a flow guiding layer, an absorbent core layer and a bottom layer from top to bottom, wherein the absorbent core layer is the most important component.

With the advent of the global aging society, the development of adult diapers has great potential. The global census data shows that the number of elderly people over the age of 65 is increasing year by year.

The improvement of living standards and the increase of per capita disposable income are the primary reasons for the growth of adult incontinence diapers. In some countries, the inclusion of sanitary diapers/sheets and nursing pads in the scope of reimbursement for workers' injury insurance is also the reason for the increase in the consumption of adult incontinence products. one.

In terms of policies, in order to cope with the impact of an aging society, governments have begun to vigorously support the adult diaper industry, which is reflected in the 13th Five-Year Plan, and the demand for social pension and old-age services will increase dramatically. At present, one of the main tasks of each country is to develop old-age industries, promote the development of old-age products, utensils and service products, and cultivate a group of leading enterprises that produce old-age products, appliances and provide elderly services, and build a group of well-known brands in the old industry. For example, in the consumption of adult diapers, the demand for adult diapers in China in 2014 was 750 million pieces. By 2020, the demand for adult diapers in China will increase to 3.05 billion.

The global aging is still increasing, the proportion of consumers continues to increase, and governments are increasingly supporting the industry. Together with the increase in the income level of the elderly and the current low market penetration, this indicates The industry is about to take off.

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