General Terminology Related To Die Casting Machines

- Oct 31, 2019-

General terminology related to die casting machines

If you want to know more about die casting machine,you need to learning its general terminology. 

1. Die casting: A casting method in which a molten alloy is filled in a mold cavity under high pressure and high speed conditions, and solidified under high pressure.

2. Die-casting die: The part of the mold used to form the die.

3. The fixed die: The fixed die is fixed to the mold part of the die casting machine to open and close the mold mounting plate.

4. The moving die : The moving die opens and closes the moving mold portion with the die-casting motor mold mounting plate.

5. Cavity: After cavity mold is closed, it is used to fill the molten alloy and form the cavity of the casting.

6. Prating line: A detachable contact surface on the mold of the casting line and the casting system.

7. Project area : The sum of the area of the mold cavity, gating system, and overflow system projected in a direction perpendicular to the clamping force.

8. Shrinkage : The ratio of the difference between the corresponding linear dimensions of the mold cavity to the casting and the corresponding linear dimension of the mold cavity at room temperature.

9. Locking force: During the filling process, in order to ensure that the moving and fixed molds close the force of er2 applied to the mold.

10.The pressure center in the direction parallel to the clamping force, the point of action of the pressure combined force of the molten alloy to the mold

11.Filling velocity: The linear velocity of a molten alloy passing through an ingate under pressure.

12.Injection speed: The injection speed is the linear velocity at which the punch moves.

13.Injection pressure: The pressure at which the injection punch acts on the unit area of the molten alloy at the end of the injection pressure.

14.Drafting: In order to smooth the casting, the slope of the mold cavity is designed along the direction of demolding or drawing.

15.Die shut height : The height of the die shut height of the mold in the closed state.

16.Maximum opening daylight : die-casting maneuvering die, the maximum distance that can be separated between fixed-die mounting plates.

17.Stripper distance : The stripper distance is the separation distance required to remove the casting and casting system, and to move and fix the mold.

18.Casting system : The molten alloy fills the passage of the mold cavity under pressure, including: sprue runner sprue.

19.Sprue : The distance between the sprue from the entrance of the mold casting system to the runner

20.Runner: The distance from the end of the sprue of the mold casting system to the gate.

21.Gate : The gate molten alloy enters the entrance of the mold cavity

22.Overflow well : An overflow well is used in the mold to drain, contain oxides and cold-smelting molten metal alloys, or grooves for accumulating molten alloys to increase the local temperature of the mold.

23.Air vent: An air vent is an air flow groove provided for discharging gas in a cavity during die casting.