Fully Automatic Molding Machine Operation Experience

- Aug 08, 2019-

Fully automatic molding machine operation experience

The automatic molding machine is a common casting machine. When using the molding machine, pay attention to its operation points and ensure safe use during work. Many people don't know much about the use of automatic molding machines, and think that as long as they are put into use, they can work normally.

1. Personnel who have not been trained in the operation of the fully automatic molding machine shall not operate the equipment.

2. Before starting the automatic molding machine, check whether there are any conductors in the moving parts, and whether there are non-equipment operators close to them. Do not put tools and other debris on the device.

3. The automatic horizontal molding machine is not allowed to touch the moving parts and electrical components during operation.

4. After repairing, inspecting and adjusting the solenoid valve, it may not return to the original state. After power-on and ventilation, pay attention to the observation to avoid the danger caused by accidental action.

Pay attention to the above aspects when operating the fully automatic molding machine. If you operate correctly, the fully automatic molding machine will become your effective tool.

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