Do Not Let The Low Price Disrupt The Automatic Polishing Machine Market

- Jun 01, 2019-

Do not let the low price disrupt the automatic polishing machine market

Once upon a time, the demand for metal products continued to rise. Metal surface treatment equipment manufacturers are springing up like mushrooms. In this, the automatic polishing machine market has undergone nearly 10 years of development, supply and demand and balance. In the face of brutal market competition, the low-price strategy seems to be the killer of manufacturers to attract customers' attention.

In the past few years, I have found that 80% of the customers will mention the price within three sentences, if you quote the price higher than other manufacturers. Customers will take the price of other merchants to bargain. In fact, it is normal. Why do customers with two automatic polishing machine equipments that can achieve the same purpose choose a higher price?

Aside from the accessories and structural design, We believes that the main factor that causes the price difference is the difference between the “after-sales service system”. What is the difference? Let's first look at a formula:

The final profit of the manufacturer should be: sale price - manufacturing cost = initial profit - after-sale cost = final profit.

In this formula, if the initial profit is low, it will not be able to maintain the maintenance cost in the later period. Once the repair occurs, there will be a loss: know that the merchant will not lose money in his own business. Then someone will ask how their after-sales service is guaranteed? The answer is to rely on suppliers. If you have purchased an automatic polisher device at a price that is much lower than the market price. There was a problem during use.Respond to the manufacturer, the manufacturer is difficult to send you maintenance personnel for cost reasons. Because once a maintenance person is dispatched, a loss will occur. At this time, the manufacturer will contact the upstream supplier, and the supplier will ask you to send the faulty accessory back to the accessory manufacturer for inspection. It is a problem with the accessory itself or a human problem. This is half a month back and forth, slow for about a month. This is actually a warranty relationship between you and the parts supplier, the equipment manufacturer only plays a coordinating role. During this time your equipment will not work, workers will stop working and delivery will be delayed. The loss can be huge.

Let's take a look at how a profitable manufacturer works, with sufficient profit. The manufacturer will prepare certain repair parts. If a problem occurs, the maintenance personnel will be sent to the door to replace the defective parts within 48 hours. It is then coordinated by the manufacturer itself and the upstream supplier. This will greatly reduce your equipment maintenance cycle, thus reducing the loss of profits due to equipment maintenance. In this case, the after-sales service of the automatic polishing machine manufacturer will be recognized by the customer. Winning more new customers under word of mouth promotion can be described as two things. Therefore, when you are purchasing automatic polishing machine equipment, do not blindly pursue low prices, and fully understand the various service details of the manufacturers. Inquire more, it is best to go to see the strength of the manufacturer. Make a decision after thorough understanding.

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