Development Prospects Of Casting Machinery Industry

- Jun 08, 2018-

casting machine.jpg

China has become one of the world's largest casting machine manufacturers. China's casting machine manufacturing industry has made great achievements in recent years.

The increasing importance of casting machine has further increased its market demand. The development of casting machinery technology will expand the market demand for foundry machinery. Casting machinery is moving toward high efficiency, high precision, and automation. With the rapid increase of high-volume, high-precision castings in many industries, the market's demand for high-grade foundry machinery is also increasing. Foundry machinery exports have a lot of room for growth. In recent years, China's export of castings is very large. Exports of castings actually export energy and raw materials, leaving behind pollution. With the introduction of new national energy and environmental protection policies, export castings should be transformed into export casting machine as soon as possible. China's foundry machine companies also have this capability. As long as a gap is opened, casting machine will grow as fast as CNC machine tools.

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