Core-shooting Machine Is Widely Used

- Jan 20, 2018-

Injection molding machine is the use of compressed air to evenly into the sand box pre-compaction, and then pressure for compaction.

The core-cored machine is made of coated sand, which is suitable for two kinds of hot core box and cold core box. The characteristics of the core-shooting machine is the application of two guide pillars, open and close mold vertical type, while the installation of two different molds, the middle of the cage can be installed on both sides of the mold, left and right opening and closing mode (the equivalent of dual-mode frame). Core-shooting machine is widely used in foundry industry, the core size with core machine is accurate and the surface is smooth. Core-core machine working principle is to be a liquid or solid state thermosetting resin as binder of cored sand mixture into the heated core box, sand core in the core box preheating soon hardened to a certain thickness (about 5~10 mm) will be taken out to form a smooth surface, accurate size of the high-quality sand core finished.

The core-shooting machine has been widely used in recent years, because the use of the injection molding machine can save the high salary of molding workers. Because it is multiple box stacking pouring also can reduce the waste of pouring riser, after pouring the film coated sand collapsibility is very good, conducive to clear sand. The core machine has high production efficiency and precise sand size, which can reduce the processing quantity appropriately, and the casting yield is high. More foundry manufacturers prefer the use of core-shaped machine.