Can The CNC Milling Machine Ecosystem Save China Milling Machine?

- Aug 02, 2018-

CNC milling machine

Since 2012, from i5 intelligent CNC milling machine to smart factories, smart factories to smart manufacturing valleys, smart manufacturing valleys to i5 intelligent cloud platforms, in the new trend of intelligent manufacturing, China’s new industrialization road has been promoted. The clearer it is, with its uniqueness, strong traction, and promotion of the overall transformation and upgrading of manufacturing in various regions, it is increasingly recognized by local governments and enterprises. The transformation and upgrading of local governments and enterprises and CNC milling machineare obvious. CNC milling machine is becoming an important force in promoting the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing in various regions.

"In the overall background of artificial intelligence, the intelligent manufacturing ecosystem construction capacity initially formed by CNC milling machine is in line with the overall transformation and upgrading of various equipment processing areas." Li Xiaolei, deputy general manager of CNC milling machine experienced operater,pointed out that In the process of regional intelligent manufacturing infrastructure construction, CNC milling machine and local governments and enterprises continue to explore and innovate, and the cooperation methods and models continue to advance and deepen, forming a unique intelligent manufacturing model. The advantages of CNC milling machine i5 intelligent manufacturing platform are beginning to appear.