Bangladesh Leather & Footwear Expo Introduction

- Jul 25, 2018-

First, the market background:

Bangladesh is a platform for manufacturers and distributors of international and domestic machinery, components, chemicals, accessories and related products to showcase their latest products to Bangladesh’s footwear, tannery and finished leather and leather products manufacturing industries. Technology and services. There are currently 220 leather factories, 2,500 shoe manufacturing units and 90 largest companies involved in the leather goods and leather industries. Bangladesh exports more leather products & leather to 50 countries.

Second, the scope of participation:

Machinery and footwear, leather and tanning:

Footwear/leather sewing machine "I" brand, hot melt adhesive spraying machine, sole mounter, computer embroidery machine, laser cutting engraving machine, leather product production machine, polishing machine, die cutting machine, continuous die cutting machine, sewing machine, Machine shoe parts, shoe repairers, for peeling machine parts, sewing machine parts, leather processing machines, leather chippers, through feed polishing machines, trimming machines, tail making machines, machine assembly uppers and soles, Bell knives, etc. , for peeling machine, slitting machine with blade, leather / sole processing machinery, new shoe machine, leather sewing machine, belt conveyor bonding machine, side wall sewing machine, modification machine, corn machine, insole machine, sticky The machine is used for garment leather, clothing sewing machine "I" brand, leather cutting machine.

Footwear components and chemicals:

Plastic continuous, midsole, insole, sole, lace, corns, trim, hook, buckle, handle, sewing thread, inner layer, CAD-CAM, needle, cutter, cutting die. High heels, ridged edges, adhesive tape, polyester filler, PVC, TPR sole, toe puff sleeves and counters, uppers, release paper, leather processing chemicals, high performance fabrics, chemicals and dyes.

Machinery and footwear and leather products, tanning:

Made, Birkibuc, BIRKO - Flor, KYDEX, Lorika, PVC, vPoromeric faux leather, Koskin, Leathertte, handbag, Naugahyde vegetarian leather.

Full grain, top crystal, modified grain, medium, vegetable tanned leather, chrome tanner leather, aldoxime leather, suede, rose tanned leather, synthetic tanned leather, alum leather, raw skin layer.

Leather products:

Footwear manufacturers, finished leather, leather garments, brand owners, leather goods.

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