A Brief History Development Of Shot Blasting Machine

- Jun 09, 2018-

shot blasting machine.jpg

Shot blasting machines use one or more abrasives to strike the surface of the metal. The purpose of this is usually to eliminate some of the metal surface of the attachment, such as rust, but sometimes by shot blasting to obtain a specific surface layer, for example, to make a two-dimensional completed roll. This medium can be various specifications of sand, silicon carbide particles, small steel balls, and the like. Steel sand thrown by the equipment rotates through the blades and hits the surface of the object. In the 1930s, American companies made the first shot blasting machine in the world. China's shot-peening equipment production began in the 1950s, mainly imitation of Soviet technology. We designed and manufactured a drum type shot blasting machine, which marked the transformation of China's shot peening technology and equipment from pure imitation to self-development and manufacturing. China has also begun to produce professional shot blasting equipment. Shot blasting technology and equipment have been improving for many years and the performance has been continuously improved. The application range extends from simple surface cleaning of the foundry industry to metallurgical mines, machinery manufacturing, automobile tractors, weapons manufacturing, light textile machinery, ship vehicles, aerospace and other different industries. The scope of the process also extends from the surface cleaning of castings and forgings to the strengthening of metal structural parts, surface processing, and shot peening.

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