5 Future Trends Diaper Machine

- Aug 18, 2018-

baby Diaper machine

5. The gap between domestic diaper equipment and well-known foreign equipment

At present, foreign markets have entered China's diaper equipment manufacturing enterprises, mainly from Japan, Italy's Ruiguang Company and Famaikeni Co. Compared with well-known equipment at home and abroad, the biggest gap is not the structure of the equipment, because the shape structure is very similar, but the equipment performance and the accuracy and die-cutting of the key working parts, because the accuracy of the equipment and key components directly affect the equipment operation. Stable, stable product quality and production efficiency. Improve the domestic demand for mechatronics technology, improve the performance and precision of key components of equipment, and improve the depth of integrated and domestic diaper equipment; as a domestic heat treatment technology, the quality of workers and high-precision processing equipment are no longer subject to Europe and America.

Domestic diaper equipment still has a long way to go, continue to learn from other foreign well-known equipment manufacturers, equipment quality, equipment design, excellent high-speed stability, combined with rapid development of domestic diaper equipment, short delivery cycle, high cost and fast, thoughtful Customer service advantage. As long as we carefully study the market, learn and absorb advanced equipment manufacturing technology, management methods and experience, and adhere to independent innovation, domestic diaper equipment will develop into a leading international leading equipment.

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