2 Future Trends Diaper Machine

- Aug 15, 2018-

2. Automation and modularity

With the high-end development of diaper equipment, the structure of the equipment is becoming more and more complicated. If the level of automation is not improved, more skilled technicians are required to operate. As China's demographic dividend disappears, labor costs increase dramatically, users want to buy a high degree of automation, and less labor equipment, so domestic equipment will be widely used in diaper PLC programmable control, intelligent human-machine dialogue operation technology, automatic detection Technology, automatic stripping technology, automatic fault diagnosis technology, servo drive, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical movements are organically combined. The research and development of stacking machines, packaging equipment and other ancillary equipment will also speed up the seamless docking with the mainframe, and realize the automation from raw material input to finished product output to packaging and packaging.

With the high end of the diaper equipment and the complexity of the equipment structure, the price of the equipment is getting higher and higher. Users place higher demands on the service life and utilization of the equipment. The equipment module, on the one hand, upgrades the equipment, adds new functions and product specifications, and has shorter time and lower cost, thereby prolonging the service life of the equipment, improving equipment utilization, and maximizing the return on investment for users; on the other hand, satisfying diversification The flexibility requirements of the end product equipment, improve the production efficiency of the different users of the conversion, reduce the downtime and production costs to meet the diversity, differentiation, small batch, fast cycle requirements of the final product market. Make products safer, more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly.

With the continuous improvement of the production speed of diaper equipment, higher requirements are placed on the safety of equipment operation safety. In the future, equipment manufacturers must think, design and manufacture equipment from the customer's point of view, helping customers to make reasonable arrangements on the shop floor, providing customers with customized, safe and convenient operation equipment. This requires that the device must be completely shut down during operation, and all running objects, including raw materials, will not be touched by hand. Therefore, we must do our utmost to improve every detail, eliminate the instability one by one, and ensure that the equipment is completely shut down for a long time. For example, safety guards are installed on the operating surface and equipped with emergency stop switches, with safety signs, equipment drive safety traction lines and cooling systems.

In terms of energy conservation, on the one hand, we will gradually phase out high-power appliances and use energy-efficient appliances that are efficient, stable and have a long life, such as variable frequency motors. On the other hand, we should innovate the production process and adopt new technologies with low energy consumption and low cost. For example, waist closure with hot air rolling instead of ultrasonic waves has a similar feel but reduces energy costs. In terms of environmental protection, dust removal systems and muffler noise reduction equipment, pulse dust removal methods are widely used in the cement industry, such as the raw coal industry will be widely used in domestic diaper equipment.

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