Why CNC machine tools need maintenance and maintenance

- Sep 26, 2019-

Why CNC machining machine tools need maintenance and maintenance

Because CNC machining machine tools integrate power, electricity, liquid, gas and other technologies, it must have scientific management of its maintenance, and purposefully develop corresponding rules and regulations. The hidden troubles discovered during the maintenance process should be cleared in time to avoid downtime and repair, thus prolonging the average time free time of the equipment and increasing the utilization rate of the machine tool. Carrying out inspections is an effective way to maintain CNC machine tools.

    Equipment maintenance based on inspection. It is an inspection management system developed by Japan based on the introduction of the US preventive maintenance system. The inspection is to carry out fixed-point, regular inspection and maintenance of the equipment in accordance with the provisions of the relevant maintenance documents. The advantage is that the deterioration of the existing easy-going performance can be eliminated in the bud state, preventing over-repair or under-repair, and the disadvantage is that the periodic inspection work is large. This modern maintenance management system with the inspection as the core in the operation phase of the equipment can achieve the purpose of reducing the declining rate and maintenance cost and improving the maintenance efficiency.

    China has introduced Japan's equipment inspection and repair since the early 1980s, and organized equipment operators, maintenance personnel and technical management personnel organically. In accordance with the prescribed inspection standards and technical requirements, the inspection, maintenance and management of the equipment may be fixed, fixed, quantitative, regular and regular, ensuring continuous and stable operation of the equipment, promoting production development and operational efficiency.