Why Choose Robotic Polishing System

- Apr 11, 2018-


1. Robot Automatic Surface Grinding Machine is mainly used for the surface polish treatment of bath,automobile,motor and building industry hardware parts. 

2. Save time : offline programming technology can create new polishing software in little time to realize production,flexibility allows us to change from one part to other part, and especially for producing with small batch.

3. Reducing labor cost:Compared with manual work,it can increase production efficiency and work for long time.One operator can control over 5 sets of machines.That guarantees high working efficiency and lower down labor coast dramatcally.

4. Improve the quality: the robot continuous operation without fatigue, is very suitable for the job needs.

5. Improve production environment: there has a closed working cell which stops the noise and metal dust from the inside,and robots save workers from both the drudgery and safety hazards associated with polishing.  

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