Whtas the core shooter daily maintenance and note?

- Nov 29, 2019-

Core shooter daily maintenance:

1 Check the cylinders, gas lines and valves for leaks and eliminate them in time.

2 Clean the contact surfaces of each moving part at any time during work. Such as: guide sleeve, guide column everywhere.

3 Always check the connection fastening bolts and nuts of each component for looseness and tighten in time.

4 Clean the equipment after work every day, and clean it thoroughly once or twice a week.

5 The electric control box and the operation surface are kept clean. After the maintenance or set time, the door is closed.

core shooter machines

Core shooter note:

1 Personnel who have not been trained in the operation of this equipment shall not operate this equipment.

2 Manually idle before performing automatic operation.

3 Before starting, check whether there are any foreign objects in the moving parts, and whether there is any non-equipment operator approaching. Do not put tools and other debris on the device.

4 When the device is in operation, it is not allowed to touch the moving parts and electrical components.

5 When the equipment in the running mode is interrupted by the external power supply, the power switch of the equipment should be cut off to avoid danger.

6 In the work of equipment maintenance, inspection, adjustment, cleaning, etc. The main power and compressed air main valves should be shut off.

7 After repairing, inspecting and adjusting the solenoid valve, it may not return to the original state. After power-on and ventilation, pay attention to the observation to avoid the danger of accidental action.

8 All parts of the equipment should stop running immediately if abnormal phenomena such as abnormal sound and odor occur during work. After checking the adjustment, first perform a manual idle test.

9 After the equipment works, stop at the original position, and then cut off the power and air supply.